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Orin Hardy at IAAC Lecture Series

IAAC Lecture Series – Orin Hardy ”Building a Bamboo University”

Join us as Orin Hardy, Co-founder of Bamboo U, presents how extraordinary bamboo structures came to be in Bali, and what they can teach us about design and architecture.

Learn what bamboo has to teach us about design and construction and why it can help achieve a more regenerative world. This giant grass, that was once considered to be a poor man’s timber is now considered by many as the sustainable timber of the future. Bamboo is the poster child of eco-architecture. It is fast growing, strong, abundant, and beautiful. But how practical is it to use in the modern world? What are the opportunities and limitations of this material? This lecture will reflect on the lessons learned from 10+ years of building innovative structures out of bamboo, and how it led to the development of Bamboo U. A hands-on learning campus for bamboo education, building and design. Bamboo U shares its process and knowledge with students and professionals from around the world to inspire designers to create a world that is sustainable, abundant and beautiful.

Orin Hardy is the co-founder of Bamboo U and the Kul Kul Farm, two sustainability education enterprises in Bali. He dedicates his time to creating spaces and opening up new possibilities for people to live lives closer to nature and themselves. Combining his international expertise with local knowledge, Hardy facilitates and teaches courses related to permaculture design, gardening and bamboo construction.

Along with his team, Hardy has welcomed hundreds of people from all over the world to participate in these programs. Raised in a Balinese village surrounded by rivers and jungle, he then moved to North America where he witnessed this disconnect between humans and nature in the modern world. He now spends his time devoted to reconnect people with nature. His most recent endeavours have been to tackle the challenge of bringing Bamboo U online in order to adapt to the realities of a world grappling with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lecturer: Orin Hardy

Date: Tuesday, November 2nd, 2021 19:30 CET

Location: IAAC – Pujades 102, Poble Nou, Barcelona

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