• Barcelona Arquitecture of Gaudi
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Barcelona & Gothic to Modern
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Barcelona & Gothic to Modern, see Barcelona through the eyes of Enric Miralles Join us as we explore the ideas and mindset of Enric Miralles, a genius in our lifetime. With Benedetta Tagliabue,... Read More

REDES Palabras Cruzadas en Iberoamérica
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SESION 28 REDES Palabras Cruzadas en Iberoamérica: Urban Mining: Repensar los materiales para la construcción circular REDES Palabras cruzadas en Iberoamérica, es una iniciativa para generar diálogos online entre referentes del entorno iberoamericano... Read More

Danilo RomeroDanilo Romero
17:02 24 Feb 22
I took the tour Barcelona and Urbanism guided by Pia. She was brilliant providing endless information with a deep understanding which made the experience come alive. She made it very easy to understand Barcelona, connecting design, history, engineering, socialism, politics, curiosities, placing it all together in a way that I am sure that I would never find those information together in one book. Looking forward to take part of the other tours!
Kae Yunn TanKae Yunn Tan
16:05 04 Jan 22
We booked the Barcelona and Gaudi Tour which led by Pia, who is a practicing architect herself, she is extremely knowledgeable and funny, we enjoy the walk so much while Pia sharing how and why the city is developed in this way, and impact of Gaudi's building in the city, as there were only three of us on the tour which we happen to practice architecture as well, Pia went even further explaining the structural part of the building which is really eye opening. Highly recommend for any architecture enthusiast to book a trip with them, you will not regret it !
Bo QuBo Qu
21:37 25 Nov 21
It was a nice trip with Ricard. The overall guide was full with interesting back stories and history. It is worth joining if you desire to know more about Barcelona from an urban and architectural side.
Edward SpilsburyEdward Spilsbury
16:42 06 Nov 21
We took the Barcelona Architecture and Gaudi walk which Pia led. She was excellent - conveying her love of both the art and science of architecture and how they are expressed in Barcelona. I especially enjoyed her description of the development of the city and how that contributed to the architecture found there.
Amanda NiekampAmanda Niekamp
08:28 26 Oct 21
Pia was very informative about Catalan life and how much Gaudi changed the interpretation/style of architecture in Barcelona. Really enjoyed her sense of humour and warmth! Would go again!
Michal StefkovicMichal Stefkovic
20:40 02 Apr 21
Best tour I have been to. The guide explained the evolution of Barcelona in historical context since Rome until current urban vision. He has great knowledge of the urban processes and was will to answer any questions. I can recommend it to everybody.