The Barcelona Architecture Walks speak about architecture without take anything for granted; the information and the language used are understandable either for an expert or an initiated walker. When we say Architecture we mean an intense dialogue between urbanism, politics, culture, economics, history, society and even ecology.

Images ©Rubén Cruz Foto

Our aim is to present the essence of Barcelona to the larger public. Though previous knowledge of architecture is not necessary, it is essential to have unrestrained curiosity about discovering the ideas, concepts and stories that fuel the city’s architecture.

All the guides of Barcelona Architecture Walks are practicing architects, most of whom are professors of architecture, as well as architecture critics. This variety of top professionals provides a wide spectrum of knowledge on a huge range of topics that only Barcelona Architecture Walks can provide. We walk with our own critical and contemporary perspectives and a wry smile on our faces because… we love architecture!


(Left to right: Mavi Hita, Rafael Gomez Moriana, Silvia Martinez, Miguel Angel Borrás, Pia Wortham, Ricard Pons, Lou, Elodie Grammont, Cristina Santamaria, Victor Martos, Jelena Prokopljevic, Jaume Prat and Carmen Popescu…and Jaume Subirats at the camera)

In 2014, we were listed as one of the world’s top five architecture tours by The Sydney Morning Herald.

In 2017 few weeks ago, we were selected by The week Portfolio (UK) as one of the five best Architectural tours in Europe.

In the last seven years (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019), Barcelona Architecture Walks has been honored with the Certificate of Excellence from the travel portal TripAdvisor, which awards the distinction to the top-performing 10% of businesses that deliver consistently great service.

Left image ©Sergio Pirrone

Barcelona Architecture Walks was founded in October 2010 by MIEL ARQUITECTOS, a studio that pursues excellence through an understanding of local synergies, and was inspired by Eoghan Lewis and his Sydney Architecture Walks. With his narrative intelligence and ironic brilliance, Eoghan shows off the city of Sydney to “aesthetes, literati, flâneurs and locals who love familiar terrain from a different point of view.”

MIEL Arquitectos image ©Asier Rua / Right images ©Rubén Cruz, bottom Eoghan Lewis from Sydney Architecture Walks.