Carmen Popescu

Bucharest. Architecture Studies between Bucharest and Barcelona (1992-2003) Specialized in Heritege Preservation PhD in Barcelona, ETSAB-UPC, thesis in Urban Heritage Management and Protection Cofounder “Espai VIMET” (2010-today) Contributor Writer at Zeppelin architecture magazine (2008-today) Artchitectours collaborator (2015-today) Baw walker ( … Read More

Cristina Santamaria Nogueira

Barcelona. Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona (ETSAB) Universität Stuttgart Helsinki University of Technology (HUT, currently Aalto University) After combining studies and work in several countries in Europe, I developed my professional career in big architecture practices in Helsinki (Häkli Ky, Siitonen Oy, … Read More

Guille Genestar Fiol

Ciutadella de Menorca. Tourism Management (Universitat de les Illes Balears) Degree in Humanities (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) Master in Cultural Communication (Universitat de Barcelona). I give talks and presentations to groups of alumni of different universities, attendees of congresses and students … Read More

Jaume Prat Ortells

Barcelona. Architecture School of Politechnic University of Catalonia, ETSAB (2002) Architect, professor and researcher at the ETSAB, blogger, editor. Co-curator of the Catalan pavilion at the 15th Venice Bienale of Architecture, 2016. Architecture is the framework in which everything that has … Read More

Jelena Prokopljevic

Belgrade. Architect degree from the Belgrade University (1998) and PhD from the Polytechnic university of Barcelona (2006) Practicing architect, researcher, writer and professor of Urban History at BAC (Barcelona architecture Center). Author of different books and articles on 20th century architecture. Co-curator … Read More

Miguel Angel Borras

Palma de Mallorca. Architect by the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB-UPC) 2001, Erasmus scholarship to study in Delft during 2000. Founds Daedalus Architects in 2002 together with Pau Iglesias being finalist of several architecture and investigation competitions (Formica Funcional, Beca … Read More

Pia Wortham

History is multidisciplinary,  and if we choose to look at history this way the whole accumulation of our human experience is more interesting. My classes have a healthy combination of technology and historical fact that I combine in order to relate the past to our present architectural practice and technology. This dual focus allows me to adapt the content of my tours based on the background and interests of the group. Architecture is a strange hybrid of many disciplines that literally makes up our built environment, I  try to convey the intricacies and complexities of cities in general and Barcelona in particular to enhance a sense of curiosity in the world around us.… Read More

Rafael Gómez-Moriana

Montreal, Canada Associate Adjunct Professor, University of Calgary architecture program in Barcelona. Studied architecture at the University of Waterloo (1989) and the Berlage Institute Amsterdam (1995).Has taught at UPC Metropolis Master’s Program, Barcelona Architecture Center, University of Manitoba, Carleton University, … Read More

Ricard Pons i Mascases

My personal motto comes from Bob Dylan: “Nothing is as stable as change.” I like that because I think it applies to many things, such as the way a city somehow seems to be a finished object, but is actually changing all the time.… Read More

Sílvia Martinez Ramos

Barcelona. Architect by the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB-UPC) 2014, Erasmus scholarship at Universitatea de Arhitectură și Urbanism “Ion Mincu” in Bucharest in 2011-12. Illustrator by CIFO l’Hospitalet 2018. After my studies, I spent some time combining my jobs in … Read More