Pia Wortham

Mexico City, Mexico.
Tufts University Civil Engineering and Fine arts Museum School of Boston Massachusetts. 1980-84
Masters of Architecture Columbia University 1985-89
Winner of the Matthew Del Gaudio Award for Design Excellence Columbia University 1989

Enric Miralles Architect 1990-1993, 1994-1997
Callis Wortham Architects 1991- 2018
Professor Portland University 2002- 2006
Professor University of Houston Barcelona Summer Program 2012-2013
Professor History of Technology Barcelona Architecture Center 2015-2018

BAW Walker Nov 2017- the present

History is multidisciplinary,  and if we choose to look at history this way the whole accumulation of our human experience is more interesting. My classes have a healthy combination of technology and historical fact that I combine in order to relate the past to our present architectural practice and technology. This dual focus allows me to adapt the content of my tours based on the background and interests of the group. Architecture is a strange hybrid of many disciplines that literally makes up our built environment, I  try to convey the intricacies and complexities of cities in general and Barcelona in particular to enhance a sense of curiosity in the world around us.