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Meet our Leading Walkers 2

Hi walkers!

Today we continue sharing with you some more personal details about our guides.

All of them have something special to tell us, so we consider important to share with you, Walkers!

Let’s continue with Martina.


“I’m Italian and I graduated in architecture between Sardinia and Rome with two experiences abroad in Turkey and Greece and a specialization in Restoration and Rehabilitation.
Architecture fascinated me from the beginning because it is a vast and nuanced field, a complex issue situated halfway between mathematics and art.

I like to tell stories and my thesis focused on the use of the walk as a way of knowing and rehabilitate a wide portion of the Roman suburbs: that is one of the reasons I enjoy being part of the BAW project, because it is an issue I like to investigate and experiment in.

Currently I divide my time between Architecture Walks and teaching, in addition to push through a few personal projects.

During the walks I lead for the BAW team I like to explore different aspects and fields to create an exhaustive overview of the topic, and I always try to adapt the talk to the public I have. I feel that explaining architecture in simple words and following clear concepts is very important to reach a wide public, and I do my best to involve people with my passion.

I am fascinated by the world of Imagined Architecture and Architectural Representation as ways to awaken latent perceptions about the city and give life to alternative ways of making architecture.

The architecture is above all an effort of imagination that spans the creative process and leads us to imagine different worlds, with the final aim of finding a way to turn them into reality. “


Martina Corona
Architecture Studies between Sardinia and Rome (2008-2014)
Erasmus experience abroad in Turkey, Trabzon ( 2009-2010)
Erasmus placement in Greece, Athens, in the restauration field ( 2014 )
Professor and Contributor Writer at Timetoplaybcn ( 2015-today)
Baw walker ( 2015-today)

Here you can see her in full action!


Usually she leads our walking tours:

BARCELONA & GAUDI a great start to discover the genius of Gaudí.

BARCELONA & THE URBANISM travel with us to the origins of the modern Barcelona.

But we remind you that we also have this other walking tours

BARCELONA & THE FUTURE CITY walk through the smart city looking for our Future.

BARCELONA & THE SEA  discover Barcelona through its architecture.

BARCELONA & THE MARKET see Barcelona through the eyes of Enric Miralles.

Come on guys come and walk with us and live a refreshing experience!!!


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