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Barcelona Architecture Walks Summer tour program.

Hi walkers, summer is here!

Now that summer has come we’d like to remind you that we have our Summer tour program ready for you, even in August we continue to offer our tours:

BARCELONA & GAUDI a great start to discover the genius of Gaudí.

BARCELONA & THE SEA  discover Barcelona through its architecture.

BARCELONA & THE FUTURE CITY walk through the smart city looking for our future.

Whether you are visiting the city, or you live here, if you want to know and enjoy Barcelona in a different way , we have what you are looking for.

Walk with us and immerse yourself in a Barcelona that will not leave you indifferent.

Meet the spirit of the city that dazzles many visitors and that we’re in love with.

And we are so proud of our 200th review at Tripadvisor… keep improving our way of spreading architecture and so gratefull to our incredible tema of Leading Architects! Thanks Martina Corona, Joan Vitòria Codina, Jordi Garet, Ricard Pons Mascases.

Here is the 200th:

”Our tour guide was Jordi and he was absolutely amazing. Extremely knowledgable about all things Gaudí. If you are thinking about taking an architecture tour, take it with Barcelona Architecture Walks because it is led by real architects who know what they are talking about. Jordi spoke perfect English and answered all of our questions (and we had quite a lot!). Extremely, extremely, extremely positive experience. Thank you!”

Come on guys come and walk with us and live a refreshing experience!!!


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