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BAW tours for groups

Hello! Today we wanted to share with you some images of the tours we have guided in the last few weeks . We have had a variety of different groups; students, companies, and friends that have chosen us to help them delve further into our city’s history, culture and architecture.

Amoung these groups were two delegations of young Israeli Jewish and Arab civil servants from local governments of Israel, who came to Barcelona to learn about our urban development, smart cities, sustainability and more


They were here looking for ideas to inspire and stimulate thinking about their own municipalities back home. They were also interested in  the urban renewal of neighbourhoods through our superblock concept and the 22@ area of Barcelona, as well as other concepts.


For this reason we chose to take them  on our tours based on urbanism; Barcelona and Urbanism and Barcelona and the Future.


After the difficulties of the pandemic we could not be happier to see how people eager to get to know our wonderful city fill the streets of Barcelona. This fills us with joy and motivates us to keep doing everyday what truly inspires us!


This Summer Barcelona Architecture Walks has all their tours ready to help you discover our city from a new perspective.

We have our usual five regular weekly tours where you get to meet fellow walkers from all over the globe. You can also reserve private tours of these same routes to better fit your schedule with one of our guides dedicated exclusively to your group or family.


On top of our regular tours we also offer five special tours with routes designed for groups or those who want to explore more specific topics like Barcelona and landscape or Barcelona and RCR, the Spanish Pritzker Prize winners from 2017, or even a more in depth look at one of our regular tours, Modernismo XL, for example.

If you still can’t find what you want to visit among our options write us an email and together we can map out a route that best fits your needs. Design your own expedition and enjoy Barcelona’s history, culture and especially its architecture with Barcelona Architecture Walks.

Together we will have an unforgettable experience!


And we remind you that each route is driven by a set of themes and concepts that decode the city whilst stimulating new ways of thinking about and seeing Barcelona. Come and walk with us and live a fantastic experience!!!





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