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Barcelona & Urban resiliency

Today Barcelona Architecture Walks would like to share some updates with you. We are now offering tours that focus on different areas of the city that showcase strategies Barcelona is implementing for urban resiliency. Among the objectives are a greener city, and the capacity to integrate multicultural complexity into our urban fabric in a way that is respectful and sustainable.

These routes will take the walker through different projects that has implemented the urban resiliency, public spaces, green zones, and “superblocks”. We will discuss what the difficulties and challenges of each project are in reaching a common goal of increasing space for public interactions and to reinforce the social fabric of each neighborhood.

The BARCELONA & THE FUTURE tour takes the walker through the POBLE NOU district, where the first superblock was introduced several years ago. We visit the area surrounding the Glories Plaza that has both projects that are complete like the Gran Clariana, and the park, still under construction, that will become a new central meeting point for Barcelona.

The BARCELONA & URBANISM tour takes you to the area surrounding the SANT ANTONI MARKET, where we can see the second superblock in Barcelona and how it was integrated into the market renovation in one of the densest neighborhoods in the city.

Our BARCELONA & LANDSCAPE special tour takes the walker through different green spaces in the city with a focus on PASEO SAN JOAN. A beautiful project that converted one of the most important avenues of the city using landscape design. A street that had been neglected over the years has been transformed into a neighborhood community space that integrates cars, pedestrians, public space, leisure areas, and areas for play.

Come with us and see first-hand the strategies the city is using to design the Barcelona of the Future.


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