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Aldo Sollazzo

Tuesday, 7 of March, IAAC Lecture Series – Aldo Sollazzo

Aldo Sollazzo is an Italian entrepreneur and innovator, expert in robotics, computer vision, and computational design. He is the CEO of Noumena since 2011, a data-driven company implementing computer vision and machine learning to study and analyze spatial dynamics.

As part of the Noumena Group, he is also the CEO of PURE.TECH, a material-driven company operating promoting sustainability at the industrial scale, and of LAMÁQUINA, a large-scale 3D printing factory, shaping new architectural solutions integrating advanced manufacturing and computation.

At the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalunya in Barcelona, he is the Director of the Master in Robotics and Advanced Construction.

In 2019 Aldo received, from the Italian President of the Republic, the title of Knight of the Order of the Star of Italy for the promotion of national prestige abroad as a recognition of his scientific and technological activities.

Aldo has made many appearances as a guest speaker at Conferences and University Seminars, amongst them European Conference on Computer Vision, Barcelona Urban Tech, Future City Summit, The Venice Biennale and TEDx Barcelona.

Respira: Encoding Material Ecologies into Large Scale Additive Manufacturing Components

Material-driven methodologies for large-scale 3D printing have allowed the incorporation of sustainable techniques towards the design of architectural pieces and the creation of a new generation of ecologically responsible design solutions. At LAMÁQUINA by Noumena, architectural components are made by using advanced robotic manufacturing techniques and a cutting-edge material called PURE.TECH, leader in material innovation. PURE.TECH merges technology and sustainability to develop novel solutions against climate change by neutralising greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, cleaning the air we breathe.
Through data-driven design engineering and material technology optimisation, Aldo’s projects are capable of creating modular and adaptable design solutions for architectural, public and urban spaces with a lower environmental impact. By adopting these methodologies, RESPIRA project is one of the first demonstrators of the future of regenerative design of space.

Date: Tuesday, 7 of March, 2023 at 19.00h (CET)

Title: “Respira: Encoding Material Ecologies into Large Scale Additive Manufacturing Components”

Location: In-house at IAAC Main hall, C/ Pujades 102 & Zoom

The lecture is part of the kick-off of R.ES.P.I.R.A. project, and will be introduced by Michael Donaldson (Comisionado de Innovación Digital, Administración Electrónica y Buen Gobierno) from Fundació BIT Habitat.


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