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Special tours for Architects

In recent years Barcelona has positioned itself as a pioneer in the implementation of urban resiliency. Resulting in many architecture offices around the world come to Barcelona focusing on discover these strategies with which it is being designed the future of our city. The objectives include not only a greener city, but also the capacity to integrate multicultural complexity into our urban fabric in a way that is more respectful and sustainable.

BAW has designed various tours for Architects to showcase these strategies. These routes will take the walker through different projects, public spaces, green zones, and “superblocks”. We will consider what are the difficulties and challenges of each project in reaching the common goal of increasing space for public interaction to reinforce the social fabric of each neighborhood thus making Barcelona a city that is greener, more diverse, and more sustainable.

Some tours for Architects that we have done are:

SOLA – Studio Oslo Landscape Architecture

-SOLA – Studio Oslo Landscape Architecture from Norway. They were walking through our Landscape special tour with 18 architects from this ofice based in Oslo. Our tour lead by Daniela our lanscape guide and Mario Suñer landscaper from Batlle i Roig office. For this ocasion we design an special Landscape tour focused on what they were interested, it’s landscape architecture, urban planning, green mobility and cycling! projects around Barcelona, but also in new housing concepts, particularly ones that are socially sustainable and incorporate the landscape.

L2 Arkitekter

-L2 Arkitekter from Nordway were walking with us through our Future City tour they were especially interested in the super blocks, architecture (modern and old), and urbanism.

SG&CO Arkitekter

-SG&CO Arkitekter Barcelona & Highlights Tour including  Montjuic Area with the Castle Restauration, The Olympic Area and the Mies Pavilion, then the Ribera Neighbourhood with the Santa Caterina Market of EMBT and finally a walk through Passeig de Gracia to see Casa Batllo and Casa Mila.

MUUAN Architects

-MUUAN an architectural office from Helsinki walk with our Urbanism tour with 15 person of its office. Our leading architect Pia Wortham wander through courtyards, avenues and squares to feel the pulse of local Barcelona and the architectural richness of Cerdà’s Barcelona.


-Skapa a small architectural practice in Oslo, they were walking around our Gothic to Modern tour, exploring and learning what Barcelona has to offer of modern and off course historical architecture.

Barcelona has been a source of inspiration for multiple disciplines, but especially for the world of architecture and planning, our tours for Architects will help you to discover it! 

Tell us about your interests and together we will design a tour experience with everything you want to discover!

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