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MADOLA: Sixty years of work

Foros 2020 Lecture with MADOLA: Sixty years of work

On 12 February, Foros will be hosting the Catalan artist Maria Àngels Domingo Laplana, MADOLA, who will give a lecture entitled “MADOLA, sixty years of work”.

This versatile artist studied ceramics at Escola Massana, and in addition, has a degree in Sculpture and a doctorate from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Barcelona. Since the mid-60s, she has held individual and collective exhibitions in Spain and internationally. Soon after, she began to work with large-format pieces for public spaces. Her work includes her interventions at Plaça de la Font Castellana in Barcelona, the Rotonda Blava in Premià de Mar, the “Memory Catalonia-Korea” intervention at the Icheon Park in Korea or the “Organic” installation at the Barcelona Design Museum.

In her lecture, she will take us through her career and reflect on her creative processes. She explains “In thought I find the narrative thread to be able to express an idea, a concept. This way, taking a leap of faith, the work slowly comes into being, connected with my ideology, in dialogue with the material and in deep meditation, to achieve a complete, sincere and expressive piece of work.”

MADOLA is a member of the International Academy of Ceramics in Geneva, and the World Crafts Council, part of UNESCO in Paris. She is also member of the Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts of Barcelona.

This year, Foros, an annual series of lectures about architecture, revolves around the title “Co-benefits”. Foros 2020 seeks to reflect on the links and the cultural interaction between contemporary architecture and other art forms such as dance, sculpture, film and comics.


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