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Knock on Wood! sustainability and environment

Knock on Wood!  Design, Wood and Sustainability exhibition at Barcelona Disseny Hub.

During this autumn-winter season the Disseny Hub hosts the ‘Knock on Wood!  Design, Wood and Sustainability’ exhibition within the Museu del Disseny temporary exhibition programme.

The display, which can be visited from 2 November onwards, includes 420 pieces made from wood used to create designs applied to various fields such as construction, automobiles, aeronautics, the textile sector, acoustics, the health and energy sectors, among others.

‘Knock on Wood! Design, Wood and Sustainability’, curated by Martí Boada and Pilar Vélez, reclaims this material – wood – due to its sustainable nature with regards the planet and for its contribution to circular bioeconomy. Using the wooden objects on display, and from the design perspective, a tour is given providing insight on the relationship of wood and human life throughout history and highlights the objects, artefacts and designs that have meant a turning point in human cultural evolution.

From the Schöningen spears, the oldest wooden design known to humankind (about three hundred thousand years ago), down to today, the use of wood has been a constant feature although in modern times it has often been replaced by other materials. In the last few decades we have been experiencing an increase in its use and a recovery. So, with ‘Knock on Wood! Design, Wood and Sustainability’ we present elements made out of in wood ranging from the Schöningen spears and some ladles from the Neolithic period to contemporary applications such as MHM (Module Habitat Mediterranean) homes (the prototype of a real-size home made from wood, cork and straw which responds to the demands and challenges to be able to face the environmental crisis).

The proposal forms part of the annual conference of the European Forest Institute, which has named Barcelona as the European Forest City in 2022. The objective of this initiative is precisely to raise awareness of the great value of European forests.

The exhibition can be visited at the Design Museum until 22 January 2023.


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