» » » Jørn Utzon’s saga with the Sydney Opera house coming to the big screen.

Jørn Utzon’s saga with the Sydney Opera house coming to the big screen.

Utzon, The Man Behind the Opera House.


We all know and we all love but what was behind the building of the Sydney Opera House? A new film tells us.

Entitled Utzon, the man behind the Opera House, the film will tell the story of the Danish architectJørn Utzon, who at only 38 years old and relatively unknown won the international competition to design an opera house in Bennelong, in Sydney in 1957.

In March, Australian television documentary devoted to Peter Hall, who replaced the architect Utzon in the direction of the building work, starring his son Will Hall. At the end of the interview she was done to Jan Utzon (son of Jørn) and both sons of architects staged a cordial relationship with a hug.


It is now that we have learned that the Sydney Opera House will be part of the narrative basis of a new feature film. With the preliminary title of Utzon, the man behind the Opera House, will focus on the figure of the pioneer Danish architect who beat the conservative architecture Australia when he won the international competition to design a theater in Bennelong, Sydney.

It came as a celebrity in 1957 by the hand of the Prime Minister of New South Wales Joe Cahill, the Labor Party. However soon changed policies Robert Askin tables and seized power. Utzon bumped against infighting, jealousy and dueling power and corrupt budgetary constraints Askin´s govermment.

Utzon takes the decision to abandon the project in 1966, never to return, but would return 20 years later. He never got to see how the building was finished, but was declared as a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 2007, a year later die.
After his departure several demonstrations called for his return, but the Australian government decides to work in the direction of Peter Hall that had spoken in favor of Utzon. Years later stated that only accepted the project after approval of Utzon. But decades later his son makes harsh criticism of the performance of the Danish architect as the foundation or structure.

In 1995 an exhibition was held with the original drawings of Utzon and the public could compare both proposals. Peter Hall could never overcome the criticism and would end up dying in 64 years ruined and homeless.

The film will be produced by Swedish-Australian Jan Marnell and Australian producers Marian Macgowan and Peter Herbert, with Danish executive producer Ole Søndberg (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), Swedish executive producer Lars Weiss, and a screenplay from Petter Skavlan, who wrote the Oscar-nominated 2012 film Kon-Tiki.



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