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Barcelona & Urbanism Walking Tour

Hi walkers!


Today we want to share with you a critique at Tripadvisor of which we are particularly proud.
This is what our walker Lily wrote after our BARCELONA & URBANISM walking tour with Miguel Angel.

Urbanizing the rural, ruralizing the urban.

”This tour is perfect for urbanists visiting Barcelona who want more than the typical tourist version of the city. I am a doctorate student in architecture and urban planning and had previously signed up for Gaudi walking tours in the city, but I highly recommend BAW over all others you will be able to find downtown.

I went on the Barcelona & Urbanism walk in early July 2016 with Miguel, and I left feeling like I could look at the city through a new lens. Miguel had deep insights about Barcelona’s urban fabric — from ancient times to modern times. We spoke at length about Cerda’s master plan of the city, and how it both has and has not been realized in present times. Many of our stops were in peaceful public courtyards and parks that tourists rarely see because they are not as well known, and the final stop included a beautiful panoramic view of the city from above. Miguel was also able to share some of his research materials with me afterward, which I will use to refer back to for much time to come!

Usually, walking tours are a form of broadcasting information from one person (a guide) to many (a group of people). However, this tour feels like a discussion, a conversation that allows for questions, shared observations and insights. It is one of the best decisions you will make in Barcelona if you go.”

And here are the notes she took during the walk…


Nice, right? Thanks a lot, Lily!

Come on guys, let’s and walk with us and enjoy the city!

Here you could see more reviews.




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