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First 2016 Tripadvisor Reviews!!!!

Fabulous guided tour

2016-01-18 16.23.42

We are three students in Landscape architecture and architecture. We had a private tour about the city, new urbanism and The of Barcelona guided by Jordi.
Jordi is a very experiences architect so the tour is ver detail and professional, the best architecture tour!
The tour started with historical facts of Barcelona from its walled compacted city to the highly regulated mash city plan today.
Then it continued on to the market and the planned city center project. Briefly it also talked about some big events in Barcelona and how it affect the city plan( Olympic Games). After talking about the connection between different district by different buildings, it went detailed into the historical industrial area, talking about the problems and the solutions. So very innovative buildings were introduced in great depth.
It was so eye opening for us and and we were so impressed! Highly recommended for anyone interested in the topic since you can learn so much than you can ever image!!!

Visited 18th January 2016

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