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Christmas time

Barcelona becomes a magical destination during Christmas time, in addition to our usual offerings of culture, leisure and the perfect weather, the festive atmosphere transforms the city in a different atmosphere that you can breathe in during these days.

Today we want to remind you that this season in the festive weeks we will offering all our walking tours as private tours and our BARCELONA & GAUDI as private or regular tour as well.

This Christmas time Barcelona Architecture Walks allows the walker to enjoy all its walks as private tours. This gives your group of family and friends and exclusive total immersion experience with a guide to the culture, history, and architecture of Barcelona.

Enjoy the luxury of walking at your own pace, with an architect as a guide; a perfect way to make the most of your stay in our city.

BARCELONA & THE FUTURE CITY walk through the smart-city looking for our Future and discover with us the new Superblock at Poblenou. This is an urban walking reflection on the main aims of urbanism and how they have been applied.

BARCELONA & URBANISM Travel with us to the origins of modern Barcelona! This is a trip to the origins of the guidelines laid out by Ildefons Cerdà on the plain of Barcelona.

BARCELONA & GAUDI  A perfect start for your Barcelona stay! A great morning discovering the genius of Gaudí and Barcelona architecture.

BARCELONA & THE SEA  Discover the history of Barcelona through its architecture! The intense conversation between Barcelona and the Mediterranean Sea has been always about how the quest for order.

BARCELONA & GOTHIC TO MODERN see Barcelona through the eyes of Enric Miralles. With the aim of truly enjoying Enric Miralles’s work.

Make fond memories this holiday season with Barcelona Architecture Walks.



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