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Barcelona & the Future City Walking Tour

Hi walkers!

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In our Walking Tour BARCELONA & THE FUTURE CITY  we explain you a lot of things about neighborhood Poble Nou and 22@ like this…

22@ is an experimental district with a powerful, distributed and accessible, energy load. Part of the DISTRICLIMA network, where new business values are intangible.

22@ is NOT based on the availability of natural resources such as water, oil, gas, sugar, silk nor do real estate values come into the equation. The companies have SOFT values such as broadcasting rights (Mediapro), patents (Indra), intelligence (T-systems), programming (Cisco) and interaction (such as Reactable by Sergi Jorda, from Universitat PompeuFabra), it is a district that represents a Living Lab?

Every week we make this urban walking reflection getting back the main aims of Urbanisms to check them at the 22@ district, a workshop quarter hoping to be an economic redraw up of the ancient industrial neighborhood of Poblenou.

Walk through the smart city looking for the future of Barcelona.

Come walk with us and enjoy discovering how cities are made with BARCELONA & THE FUTURE CITY!

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