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Barcelona and the Sea walking tour

Hi walkers!


We are very proud about this review left by one of the last Walkers about our BARCELONA & THE SEA  walking tour lead by Ricard…

Informative, fun, fantastic experience!

We originally booked the ‘Barcelona and the Market’ tour, but because the tour guide was not going to be in the country the day of our walk, they asked if we would like to switch tours and we were easily able to switch to the ‘Barcelona and the Sea’ tour. We went on the tour the morning of our first full day in Barcelona and I am so, so glad we did!! It was such a lovely and informative introduction to the city. My group of six walked for about 3 hours with Ricard all around the gothic quarter, Barcelonetta, and the waterfront. Everyone enjoyed and benefited from the tour, including 2 in the group who had been to Barcelona before. Ricard was extremely knowledgeable, entertaining, and obviously very passionate about design, history, and his city. He was even able to give us a local’s recommendations for places to eat and drink in the city during our trip (and every place we went was fabulous!). As a side note, and to contrast, we went with a different tour company to Sagrada Familia a few days later, and we just kept saying “I wish Ricard were here. This would be so much better if Ricard were doing this tour.” We really missed you Ricard! I couldn’t more highly recommend Barcelona Walking Tours to anyone and everyone visiting the city. If I ever get the chance to go back, I am absolutely going on another tour. I wish this group existed in every city!!

We love our Walkers!

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