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The Go-To Guide for Bamboo Construction

Bamboo is an ancient building material that has been used in a variety of countries and building types. A sustainable material with a unique aesthetic, it is arguably one of the greatest architectural trends of the moment.

This material’s structural and sustainable qualities demonstrate that bamboo can be three times more resistant than steel and grow about 4 feet (1.22 meter) in just one day.

The Mexican firm led by Lucila Aguilar has developed a manual with the intention of documenting the construction process used while building a bamboo structure designed for UMMBAL.


This manual, in addition to serving as a reference guide for future projects and disseminating knowledge, is the result of a collaborative work by authors who have written and researched the material. Jörg Stamm, German master-builder, served as an advisor for the manual as well.


Understanding the nature of bamboo, its characteristics, and behavior, are necessary to make proper use of the material. Lucila Aguilar has initiated several projects that document the benefits of this material. In four chapters, she discusses the advantages, specific parts and uses of bamboo, procedures for preparation, equipment, tools, criteria and general details that reveal the different aspects defined by their species and gender.


We seek to convey a message in the region, industrial buildings can have another language, natural materials such as earth and bamboo can converge with other materials commonly used in attractive and functional design. These materials are another tool to design the landscape of states such as Chiapas, Veracruz, and Tabasco; bamboo is a very versatile and sustainable material that has allowed us to build in a practical way, reducing labor costs and creating a frame of reference to build a Mexico with social conscience, ecological and balance and harmony with the earth.


In this document, you will find details on the proper use of each part of the bamboo, the necessary maturity to work with the material, and proper cutting methods to ensure resistance and longevity.



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    Hi .. I love to know more about Bamboo housing an architect works with bamboo to help provide new housing an tourist activities In my country Nigeria.

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