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Philippe Block Lecture

IAAC Lecture Series Philippe Block.

Novel Shell Structures: Learning from the Master Builders

Philippe Block lecture



Philippe Block is Associate Professor at the Institute of Technology in Architecture at ETH Zurich, where he directs the Block Research Group (BRG) together with Dr. Tom Van Mele. The BRG focuses on equilibrium analysis, computational form finding, optimisation and fabrication of curved surface structures, specialising in unreinforced masonry vaults and thin concrete shells.

Within the Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) – Digital Fabrication, the BRG develops innovative structural design strategies using bespoke prefabrication. Block studied architecture and structural engineering at the VUB, Belgium, and MIT, where he earned his PhD in 2009. With the BRG and as partner of Ochsendorf DeJon & Block (ODB Engineering), he applies his research into practice on the structural assessment of historic monuments and the design and engineering of novel compression structures.

IAAC Lecture Series 2016/17

Tuesday 29th of November 2016
Philippe Block
ETH Zurich

Novel Shell Structures: Learning from the Master Builders

@ 19.30, IAAC Auditorium
Open to the Public

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