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Philip F. Yuan Lecture

“Nonlocal Locality” lecture by Philip F. Yuan Tuestday 14th February at IAAC Lecture Series

Philip F. Yuan is a professor at the College of Architecture and Urban Planning at Tongji University, Thomas Jefferson professor at University of Virginia (2019), the visiting professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2019), and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (2021). He is also the co-founder of DigitalFUTURES Association, Editor-in-Chief of Architectural Intelligence journal, and council member of UIA Professional Practice Commission (PPC).
Yuan is a pioneer in architectural intelligence and robotic fabrication, making achievements in both academic research and architectural practice. He emphasizes the integration of technological innovation and architectural culture, building environment and ethics, constantly seeking human-machine collaboration in the era of post-humanism.

Nonlocal Locality

Living in the era when the subject-object relationship of architectural design needs to be re-pondered and reassembled, we are establishing a global platform for international collaborations in order to promote discussion about a broad range of contemporary issues such as global ethics and technologies integrated with local culture within our ever evolving, highly technological culture. Facing global warming, geopolitical upheaval and the pandemic, while confronting the challenge of the mutual development of architecture and society, we need to redefine and rethink the relationship between globalization and locality to reflect the contradictions and the opportunities brought by the current trend of human-machine collaboration. Meanwhile, nonlocality describes the manner in which a hyperobject becomes more substantial than the local manifestations they produce.

IAAC Lecture Series – Philip F. Yuan

Date: Tuesday, 14th February, 2023 at 13.00h (CET)

Title: “Nonlocal Locality”

Location: Online (Zoom & Facebook)


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