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Llum Bcn Poblenou 2018

Febrer 16.17.18 Llum Bcn Poblenou

When night falls, a new Barcelona shines out thanks to the talent of both artists from all over the world and students in our city who have mastered the transforming power of light, this is Llum Bcn Poblenou.

For the first time, with Llum Bcn the Poblenou neighbourhood will be illuminated. Poblenou has a peculiar physiognomy and an industrial past and is currently immersed in an intense process of transformation to turn it into a new district devoted to technology, innovation and creativity.


The guest artist at Llum BCN 2018 is Monique Savoie, a Quebec video artist and founder of the prestigious Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT) of Montreal. In Barcelona, SAT, a leading foundation in the world art and the new technologies, will showcase a selection of the best immersive projections. Visitors can discover these at the new Family Space, which will also be open during the day on Saturday and Sunday to present various interactive projects.


This seventh celebration of Llum BCN features twice the number of shows and facilities by acclaimed artists from our country and other parts of the world in other years, not forgetting one of the hallmarks that distinguish it from other light art festivals: the emphasis on experimentation and innovation in the creations presented by students at the city’s schools of art, design, lighting and architecture.


This year, these creatives will respond to the challenge of transforming spaces that all have a very different nature. They will meet this challenge by implementing new strategies for working with light and space, as well as the talent and quality that we have seen at previous editions.


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