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European Award for Architectural Heritage Intervention

The European Award for Architectural Heritage Intervention AADIPA publishes the names of those shortlisted of the contest’s 4th edition

The European Award for Architectural Heritage Intervention AADIPA, which closed the call for its fourth edition on April 12 with record participation figures, has published the shortlisted works in categories A and B of the Award.As a new initiative and in order to give visibility to a greater number of works andto recognize the optimum level of good heritage practice in Europe, the Awardmanagement has considered it appropriate to incorporate an increase in the numberof works shortlisted in both categories.

In particular, the international jury for category A -Intervention in Built Heritagecomprising the architects Louis Leger, Marià Castelló and Leticia Soriano, has chosento shortlist the following 15 from the 163 projects presented:


  1. – Buda Art Centre, Kortrijk – Belgium. 51N4E
  2. – Casa Luz, and old townhouse, Extremadura, Spain. Arquitectura G
  3. – Country house, Girona, Spain. Arquitectura G
  4. – Innovation powerhouse, Eindhoven, Netherlands. Atelier van Berlo + Eugelink Architectuur + De Bever Architecten
  5. – Parliament of Canton Vaud, Laussane, Switzerland. Bonell i Gil Arquitectes, Atelier Cube
  6.  3 historical buildings, Antwerp, Belgium. Bovenbouw Architectuur, Barbara Van Der Wee Architects
  7. – New access to the historic centre of Gironella, Barcelona, Spain. Carles Enrich Studio
  8.  Ilha da Bela Vista, Porto, Portugal. Cerejeira Fontes Architects
  9. – Streetmekka, hub for street sports and street culture, Vibork, Denmark. EFFEKT Architects
  10. – Cave di Arzo, quarries, Mendrisio, Switzerland. Enrico Sassi Architetto
  11. – Palace of Justice, Strasburg, France. Garcés-de Seta-Bonet Arquitectes, Serra-Vives-Cartagena Arquitectes
  12. – Civic Centre Cristalleries Planell, Barcelona, Spain. HArquitectes
  13.  Civic Centre Lleialtat Santsenca, Barcelona, Spain. HArquitectes
  14. – Factory Cultural, Creative Industries Incubator, Madrid, Spain. OSS – Office for Strategic Spaces
  15. – Sant Antoni Market, Barcelona, Spain. Ravellat Ribas arquitectes
While, in category B -External Spaces- the architects, Benoit Moritz, Elisabeth Abalo and Elena Albareda, after evaluating the 34 participating proposals, have chosen to shortlist the following 10 works:
  1. – Skanderbeg Square, Tirana, Albania. 51N4e
  2. – Ermita del Pla de Sant Joan park, Barcelona, Spain. AMB (Barcelona Metropolitan Area)
  3. – Accessibility project for the Heritage Park of Ceto, Paspardo, Italy. Babau Bureau, Elisa Brusegan
  4. – Path along Igualada’s old gypsum mines, Barcelona, Spain. Batlleiroig Arquitectura
  5. – Visitor Center at the abbey site, Villers-la-Ville, Belgium. Binario Architectes, Pigeon Ochej Paysage, L’Escaut Architecture
  6. – Access to Jorba’s Castle, Barcelona, Spain. Carles Enrich Studio
  7. – Cal Metre’s path, Barcelona, Spain. Carles Enrich Studio
  8. – Zollverein Park, Essen, Germany. Planergruppe GmbH Oberhausen
  9. – Schalker Verein, Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Planergruppe GmbH Oberhausen
  10. – Archaeological remains of the ancient Roman Theater of Tárraco, Tarragona, Spain. Estudi d’arquitectura toni gironès
On June 13, within the framework of the International Biennial of Architectural Heritage, an event organised by the Award management, with the support of the COAC, AADIPA and the Government of Catalonia, the finalists and the winner of the 4 categories of the award will be made known. Likewise and for the first time, from all the works presented, the Award management will grant a Special Award for Restoration to the intervention, which from a technical and methodological point of view, stands out for its quality, precision and respect.


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