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EUMiesAwards 2024

The list of nominees for the EUMiesAwards 2024 has recently been announced. Architecture is a slow process that adapts to social, political and economic changes. The EUMiesAwards takes this statement into account and pursues the following objectives:

AV62 Arquitectos. Photo José Hevia

— to recognise and commend excellence in European architecture in conceptual, social, cultural, technical and constructive terms
— to highlight the European city as a model for the sustainably smart city, contributing to a sustainable European economy
— to promote transnational architectural commissions throughout Europe and abroad
— to increase the incorporation of architectural professionals from the EU Member States and those countries that conclude an agreement with the EU
— to cultivate future clients and promoters
— to find business opportunities in a broader global market
— to highlight the involvement of the European Union in supporting architecture as an important element that reflects both the diversity of European architectural expression and its role as a unifying element to define a common European culture.

The Prize objectives aim at promoting and understanding the significance of quality and reflecting the complexity of Architecture’s own significance in terms of technological, constructional, social, economic, cultural and aesthetic achievements.

Architecture’s significance —linked with the construction market— has a social Impact and transmits a cultural message. Quality therefore refers to universal values of generic buildings, independent from their programmes: the essence of things rather than their formal values.

Among the nominees there are several Spanish architecture studios:

peris+toral.arquitectes LIVING IN LIME – 42 social housing in Son Servera

AV62 Arquitectos, Day centre for young people with autism spectrum disorder in Derio, Spain

MAIO; Studio Nomadic; Studio Peisaj, Nursery. 1306 plants for Timișoara, Romania

Óscar Miguel Ares. CONTEXTOS DE ARQUITECTURA Y URBANISMO, Municipal Pools in Castromonte, Spain


HARQUITECTES, Social housing 1737 in Gavà, Spain

SUMA Arquitectura, Gabriel García Márquez Library in Barcelona, Spain

Our most sincere congratulations to all the nominees and to… may the best one win!


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