» » » Daniele Giglioli Foros 2019 Lecture at UIC

Daniele Giglioli Foros 2019 Lecture at UIC

Daniele Giglioli: Are victims the heroes of our time?

On 25 February, Daniele Giglioli, professor of Comparative Literature at the University of Bergamo (Italy), will take part in the Foros Lecture Series at the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture, organised in partnership with BBConstrumat and directed by lecturers Guillem Carabí and Fredy Massad. Daniele Giglioli, who recently published the Spanish version of his essay Crítica de la Víctima [Critics of the Victim] (Herder Editorial), will deliver a lecturer entitled “Are victims the heroes of our time?”.

In his talk, he will reflect on victimisation in contemporary society, the result, according to the author, of our state of disorientation as individuals. “At no point in history have humans lived in such radically counter-revolutionary times. The fact that victims have become an example to follow illustrates our profound disorientation”.

Language: Italian, with simultaneous translation into English

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