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Canòdrom Creative Research Park

The new Creative Research Park of Barcelona is located in the Canòdrom work of Antoni Bonet i Castellana.

The emblematic rationalist building designed by the Catalan architect Antoni Bonet i Castellana in 1961 the Canòdrom, has been transformed into a Creative Research Park by Dear Design Studio.

There are no greyhounds racing at the old Meridiana dog track these days. Now it is home to the brand-new Creative Research Park, a public facility serving entrepreneurs and the culture industry. This is where creative young people from the worlds of art, technology and science present projects that need business angels,  in other words, patrons who are willing to finance their projects in return for ’ a slice of future profits.

The Creative Research Park provides creative people with the chance of finding head-hunters to sponsor their mobile and tablet applications, prototype designs, ideas for shows, audiovisual projects and other initiatives, so that they can turn them into real products and services.

In addition to providing support for creative talent, the Creative Research Park also fosters public participation in the neighbourhood, through social and cultural initiatives.

Adapting old buildings to new uses and defending their history is not just a passing trend: It is, in essence, the duty of today’s society. In this sense, Barcelona has some fine examples of architectural recycling, one of which is this former dog track, now transformed into a public facility.

The impressive iron structure, inspired by the industrial aesthetics of the 1950s, won the FAD Design Award in 1964, the year it was opened.



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