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Buenos Aires International Biennial of Architecture

Until 20 th October Barcelona at Buenos Aires International Biennial of Architecture

Since 1985, the City of Buenos Aires has hosted one of the most outstanding celebrations of international architectural culture. The Buenos Aires International Biennial of Architecture is one of the most important events in the region, a pioneer of the Latin American Biennials and recognized within the most relevant trilogy, along with Venice and São Paulo.

Within this framework, Buenos Aires becomes a space for cross-cultural dialogues, conferences by world-renowned architects and exhibitions that place architecture in the foreground of conversation.

Barcelona – Guest of Honour City: On the occasion of Barcelona’s presence at the Buenos Aires International Architecture Biennial, as a guest of honour city, the City Council of Barcelona and the Institut Ramon Llull have organised a programme of conferences and an exhibition, which includes an academic programme, to be held at the Usina del Arte.

The exhibition, curated by David Aceves, Juan Carlos Ariel Cavilli and Toni Casassas, presents architecture from the citizen’s perspective through the projects Fabra i Coats, La Borda, Turó de la Rovira, the Fort Pienc block and Torre Júlia, examples of the harmonies and complicities that are generated from the interaction of architecture and architecture with citizenship. The exhibition tour does not attempt to explain Barcelona’s architecture, but rather the dialogue that this discipline establishes with the city’s associationism and cooperativism.

Barcelona, one of the cities with the most associations, has evolved from the vindication and defense of its urban architectural heritage and citizen driven by its neighbours. The new formulas of citizen collaboration with the architect generate a new way of approaching architecture away from personalism in order to approach social concerns and condition urban transformation.

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