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BAW Team Xmas meal

Today we want to share an image of the Xmas meal that the whole baw team enjoyed last Friday. We love this time of year because it’s a great time to talk and share some of the things that happen during our walking tours. Which always help us to keep improving!

As you know we really love what we do and this kind of meetings are very important for us, because we share our differents experience to get better our work every day.

We are very happy to keep improving our family, because many people are interested about the walking tours we make!!!

As well we remind you in the festive weeks, we will continue offering our BARCELONA & GAUDI regular tour every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday with their usual schedules, and with our BARCELONA & FUTURE CITY and BARCELONA GOTHIC TO MODERN walks as private tours as well.

We only close 24th, 25th and 26th December and 6th January.

Here something about our Christmas tours:

BARCELONA & GAUDI  A perfect start for your Barcelona stay!
Along the Modernism Route, we will trace the sinuous dream path that took Antoni Gaudí from his social concerns to a total absorption with the divine, until he finally became “the last great cathedral builder. A great morning discovering the genius of Gaudí and Barcelona architecture.


BARCELONA & THE FUTURE CITY walk through the smart-city looking for our Future and discover with us the new Superblock at Poblenou.

This is an urban walking reflection on the main aims of urbanism and how they have been applied in the 22@ district in Poblenou. This was once a neighborhood full of small factories that is now being revitalized in an attempt to recapture the spirit of it’s industrial heyday.


BARCELONA & GOTHIC TO MODERN see Barcelona through the eyes of Enric Miralles.

With the aim of truly enjoying Enric Miralles’s work, we propose a journey of initiation that will attempt to be loyal to the architect’s words: “The architecture that interests me is capable of avoiding demagoguery and cannot hide the complex reality it comes from.”


Each route is driven by a set of themes and concepts that decode the city whilst stimulating new ways of thinking about and seeing Barcelona. Come and walk with us and live a fantastic experience!!!


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