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BAW at Architecture Week 2018

From 10 to 20 may Barcelona Architecture Week 2018.

We are so proud, Barcelona Architecture Walks has the pleasure of being chosen, one more year, beside our friends from el globus vermell, to be part of the Barcelona Architecture Week 2018, organizating the Architectours: 10 days 10 districts with urban renewal.

Barcelona City Council, the Catalan Architects’ Association (COAC) and the Mies van der Rohe Foundation, have joined forces with Barcelona Building Construmat and ArquinFAD, to launch Architecture Week 2018, a joint initiative that will be taking place at several settings in the city from 10 to 20 May.

Over the coming days, to mark European Year of Cultural Heritage, the city is to become the nerve centre for a wide range of activities linked to the world of architecture and the city, breaking down territorial and disciplinary boundaries, to stimulate reflection on environments built from cities and their value through the spread of architectural activities, knowledge, experience and debate.

With public institutions and the public expected to take part, an extensive programme of events has been put together, featuring film and architectural events, talks, routes, competitions and promotion areas for all the districts.

Barcelona Architecture Walks organize (beside el globus vermell) the Architectours: 10 days 10 districts with urban renewal.

The aim of these itineraries is to publicise the different processes of urban renewal, such as the Cerdà Plan, the housing estates of the 1960s and the Olympic Village that have shaped Barcelona as we know it today.

We will also explore future plans that aim to continue improving the quality of life in the city, such as the Superilles program.
These 10 itineraries showcase these and other urban renewal interventions in the city and highlight the value of the built heritage.

These tours are: CIUTAT VELLA. Let’s make square. EIXAMPLE. Inhabiting a Theory. SANTS-MONTJUIC. From mountain to city. 29/92. LES CORTS. Making the neighborhood. SARRIÁ-SANT GERVASI. From summer villas to contemporary architecture. GRACIA. From the social revolution to the urban revolution. HORTA-GUINARDÓ. The three hills, three balconies to the city. NOU BARRIS. Connecting the new neighborhoods. SANT ANDREU. From agriculture and industry to high speed. SANT MARTÍ. The future of cities.

In the next few weeks we’ll explain a little more about these.

Barcelona certainly has an everyday heritage of undeniable value in its urban architecture. Architecture is the basis of the physical space that Barcelona’s residents build their lives on. So the aim behind Architecture Week is to strengthen this crucial link between architecture and citizens.

We are very happy to be part of an event as important as Architecture Week 2018, that will help bring quality architecture and urbanism closer to the citizens.


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