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Barcelona as olympic city 1986-1992

The Transformation of an olympic city

How was transformed Barcelona in an olympic city? Barcelona’ 92 were “The best Olympic Games in history”. Its marked the beginning of a transformation model, that would be later exported to other emerging cities. Willing to alter their spaces and the customs of their citizens for a new urban model, which nowadays is still perceived in its streets.

But urban regeneration and transformation is a never-ending challenge. There are still many postindustrial wasteland in the city needed to be renewed and brought to life by city planners. As long as Barceloners have the ambition to do so, the city will be on the map of “international cities” in the near future.
port olympic

The urban planning was structured into the completion of 12 projects scattered across the city:

  • Four were directly related to the Olympic infrastructure and led to a clear improvement of four of the city’s neighbourhoods.

The other projects were linked to the amelioration of transport.

  • The opening up to the sea.
  • Housing and services.
  • Involved the ring-roads.
  • The Illa Diagonal shopping centre.
  • The Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA).
  • The Glòries square.
  • And Port Vell and Maremágnum.
Here you have an animation with “timelapse” of the urban transformations made in Barcelona for the celebration of the 1992 Olympic Games.

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