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Badalona Play Area by Peris+Toral arquitectes

Peris+Toral arquitectes design a green space in Badalona.

Peris+Toral arquitectes architecture practice has designed a project to reorganise the green space situated between Avinguda de Mònaco and Carrer de Verdi in the town of Badalona, a site which provisionally hosted Santa Coloma’s Fondo Market.

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The project resulted in the creation of a play area for children of different ages, situated strategically near the district’s schools and pre-school centres. A subtle architectural solution meets the needs of shelter and protection required by this kind of space. It took the form of creating two dunes planted with grass, creepers and shrubs that remove traffic from the field of vision, and designing a gentle hollow that marks out the play space.

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The resulting difference in level in the play area serves a twofold purpose as a seat and as a work bench where children can play the imitation games that are so important for stimulating their imagination. As a result, the fences separating children from adults are eliminated in an integrative, intergenerational solution.

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The intervention further strengthens the continuity of the green axis that runs from the river Besòs, linking various parks and plazas, as far as the parks of Montigalà.



The existing zebra crossings are connected, and the trees species planted in the area are preserved to offer topographical continuity that eliminates architectural barriers. Finally, with the aim of creating an arboreal mass, the area of intervention is planted with more trees of the same type as those lining the streets.


Peris+Toral arquitectes is a Barcelona-based architecture practice set up in 2005 by Marta Peris and José Manuel Toral. Both are ETSAB graduates who combine professional praxis with academic activity at centres such as the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB) and the IED. Their projects have been published in various journals and exhibited at the 2016 Venice Biennale, UIA Tokyo 2011, Paris 2009 and the 2000 Venice Biennale.

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