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2023 Christmas tours pictures

Today we want to share some images from our 2023 Christmas tours. We are very proud because many travellers have been walking with us on these holiday weeks and have enjoyed Barcelona through our Walking tours… This is our aim, to present the essence of Barcelona to the larger public.

It was a pleasure to walk with you and let you immerse with our 2023 Christmas tours. Thank you so much for choosing us to discover Barcelona, as you can see in this amazing images our walkers have a good time with us!!!

Walk with Barcelona Architecture Walks and you will discover the spirit of the city that dazzles many visitors and that we’re in love with!

Our aim is to present the essence of Barcelona to the larger public. Though previous knowledge of architecture is not necessary, it is essential to have unrestrained curiosity about discovering the ideas, concepts and stories that fuel the city’s architecture.

All the guides of Barcelona Architecture Walks are practicing architects, most of whom are professors of architecture, as well as architecture critics. This variety of top professionals provides a wide spectrum of knowledge on a huge range of topics that only Barcelona Architecture Walks can provide. We walk with our own critical and contemporary perspectives and a wry smile on our faces because… we love architecture!

And this Winter Barcelona Architecture Walks has all their tours ready to help you discover our city from a new perspective.

Each route is driven by a set of themes and concepts that decode the city whilst stimulating new ways of thinking about and seeing Barcelona. Come and walk with us and live a fantastic experience!!!


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