» » » May reviews of our BAW walking tours

May reviews of our BAW walking tours

Gaudi Architectural Walk

-Reviewed 10 May 2015-

This was one of the best things I did on my trip to Barcelona, aside from eat. My wife is an interior designer and is keenly interested in architecture — whereas I don’t know much about architecture but enjoyed it just as much. It’s a great walk through a beautiful part of the city and it’s n extremely interesting, in-depth view of the city of Barcelona and Gaudi specifically. Our guide was Martina, who was awesome.


Architectural Tour with Miguel Angel Borras

-Reviewed 4 May 2015-

On April 27, 2015, our group of former classmates from SYA so enjoyed the Enric Miralles architectural tour led by Miguel Angel Borras. Miguel did an incredible job of introducing the old and the new elements of Barcelona and how they are “melting” together. He brought the architecture to life for us with his own passion for his work and his appreciation of the beauty and history of the area. Miguel’s knowledge, philosophical and poetic interpretation of the architecture and life in Barcelona, and his superb English and Spanish (for the benefit of all of us) was very special and memorable. It was one of the absolute highlights of our trip!!!!! Thank you, Miguel!


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