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Foros Esarq 2016. Pascal Flammer

Pascal Flammer

El próximo lunes 25 de abril nueva conferencia en Foros 2016 “Origen”, ciclo de conferencias organizado por la School of Architecture de UIC Barcelona, del arquitecto suizo Pascal Flammer, discípulo de Valerio Oligati, que desde que fundara en 2005 su estudio ha sido finalista del Premio Swiss Art Award que otorga el Ministerio de Cultura suizo en numerosas ocasiones, haciéndose con él en 2006.

“Equilibrio precario” es el título de la conferencia en la que Flammer expondrá la manera como en su obra se superponen el sistema, el concepto y la composición produciendo, en ocasiones, múltiples niveles de lectura; y como su trabajo se mueve en la contradicción entre simplicidad y complejidad, certeza y ambigüedad, lógica y la aparente ausencia de esta.

Fecha: Lunes, 18 de abril de 2016 – 19.00 h

Conferencia: Precarious Equilibrium

Lugar: School of Architecture de UIC Barcelona
Aula Magna – C/ Immaculada, 22, Barcelona

Idioma: English

Evento: https://www.facebook.com/events/1399146410392902/

Actividad abierta al público. Gratuita

This Monday 25 April, #Foros2016 “Origen” enters its final straight with a talk a talk by Swiss architect Pascal Flammer, a student of Valerio Oligati, who, since founding his studio in 2005, has on several occasions been a finalist in the Swiss Art Award of the Swiss Ministry of Culture, winning it in 2006. This recognition of the studio’s work was revalidated in 2014 by the Philippe Rotthier European Prize for Architecture.

“Precarious Balance” is the title of Flammer’s talk about how, in his work, system, concept and composition are superposed, in some cases producing multiple levels of interpretation, and the way his work moves in the contradiction between simplicity and complexity, certainty and ambiguity, and logic and its apparent absence. For Pascal Flammer, architecture is about proposing a way of life, where the important thing is not so much the building or the architect as the values offered by each new intervention.

After working together with the renowned Swiss architect Valerio Oligati (1998-2005), and teaching at the Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio, the Harvard Graduate School of Design and the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam, Flammer now lectures at the ETH Zürich and, since 2005, has had his own studio.

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