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Foros Esarq 2016. BAUKUH


El próximo 18 de abril a las 19h  visitará la School of Architecture Pier Paolo Tamburelli, socio fundador de Baukuh y de la revista San Rocco, recién nominado al prestigioso Wheelwright Prize que otorga la Graduate School of Desgin de la Harvard University.

Fecha: Lunes, 18 de abril de 2016 – 19.00 h

Conferencia: Public architecture is abstract, and abstract architecture is public

Lugar: School of Architecture de UIC Barcelona, Aula Magna – C/ Immaculada, 22, Barcelona

Idioma: inglés

Join FOROS ESARQ for “Public architecture is abstract, and abstract architecture is public”: open lecture by Pier Paolo Tamburelli, founder and member of the Baukuh, the young Italian firm of architects, and San Rocco Architecture Magazine, in the framework of the #Foros2016 cycle, “Origin”.

In his lecture, Tamburelli will be talking about Baukuh’s particular vision of public architecture, by means of an analysis of one of its works: the House of Memory in Milan. This project
employs a simple spatial layout, a box that contains and presents the memory of the people of Milan by means of its façades. For Tamburelli, this exercise endorses his theory of public spaces: “architecture [is] an abstract production of the concave, a careful calculation of a desireless receptacle of others’ desires, a humble development of a technology for giving precision to the memories of others.”

Baukuh is a firm based in Milan and Genoa, founded in 2004 by Paolo Carpi, Silvia Lupi, Vittorio Pizzigoni, Giacomo Summa, Andrea Zanderigo and Pier Paolo Tamburelli. Tamburelli has been nominated for the 2016 #WheelwrightPrize, awarded by the Harvard Graduate School of Design, a platform to promote new forms of research based on cross-cultural engagement, past winners of which include foremost names such as I. M. Pei, Paul Rudolph and Eliot Noyes, as well as José Ahedo, alumni of the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture.

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