» » » Our BAW 1. Enric Miralles gets great reviews aswell!!!!

Our BAW 1. Enric Miralles gets great reviews aswell!!!!

5 of 5 starsReviewed 26 November 2014NEW

My wife and I took the Miralles architecture walk with Miguel last friday. We had our doubts whether to go for the Gaudi walk or the Miralles one, and whether to go for a walk/tour in the first place, as we don’t usually have the patience to be walked around. After the walk I can easily recommend it even to people who don’t like tours/walks. It was such a great experience at many levels. Miguel really used the walk and the sights/stories to tell the story of Barcelona and the story of citizen involvement/engagement. It made us think and even connected to our line of work on “Self-organized Systems”, “Decentralized Control”, “Engagement” in organizations. We had a great time. The Gaudi might naturally be the more popular walk in Barcelona, but I think Miralles is a hidden gem and the location straddling the gothic and ribera/born quarters is great. I’m looking forward to taking another walk in barcelona next time I’m around and will try to find similar walks in other great cities. Thank you Miguel for a first intro to the world of architecture walks. Highly recommended!

Visited November 2014
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