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Great Barcelona Architecture Walks reviews!

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Highly informative tour.

I did the Gaudi walking tour and I have to agree with all the other excellent reviews. For those interested in learning about Gaudi and the urban planning of Barcelona it is a must! My guide was Jordi, who is a working architect with a passion for urban planning and Barcelona that was simply wonderful to experience. I’m not an architect myself and I usually priortize visits to art galleries due to my love of painting, but my aim for just 2 days in Barcelona was to learn about Gaudi’s works and this was the perfect way to start my visit. I was extremely lucky to be the only person on the tour along with a trainee guide, who was also really interesting to talk to. It is somewhat of a surprise, however, that more people don’t take these tours. One certainly needs an interest in urban development and in learning about cities, but the tour is totally accessible for non-architects. I loved having a highly intelligent guide teaching me about the ideas behind the development of Barcelona and Gaudi’s part in its history. It was everything I could have hoped for in such a tour. If I return to Barcelona, I will certainly take another tour with this company and I will highly recommend it to any of my friends who intend to visit.

Visited January 2016

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