Starting at €345 (1-5person), 4.5 hours Take this trip through the magic of modernism!

Gaudí is probably the most representative of all of the modernist architects, but this trip will take beyond his most famous works to discover the origins and all the details concerning this artistic movement.


The reintroduction of nature inside the industrial city, the symbolism of Catalan tradition and the mysticism involved in it were used as guidelines towards a new architecture, driven by the bourgeoisie in Catalonia. We will get between curvy iron shapes, petrified plants and animals framed by colorful tiles and bricks that will take us to a magical world.


We will see some of the first examples of Modernism in the 1888 Exposition in Parc de la Ciutadella that permitted the demolition of the former Citadel, as well as places such as “Els Quatre Gats” where the precursors of Modernisme gathered to spread the ideals of the movement to every artistic medium. We will discover the first works of Gaudí and see how he took the Modernisme movement to its highest level of excellence through his most eclectic masterpieces such as the Casa Batlló and Casa Milà.


We will see the works of other masters through their most relevant works such as Domenech i Montaner’s Palau de la Música and Casa Fuster, Valeri’s Casa Comalat, Puig I Cadafalch’s Casa de les Punxes and many more.

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