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5 Special Tours to discover Barcelona in a difererent way.

On top of our regular tours, we also offer five Special Tours with routes designed for those who want to explore more specific topics like Barcelona and landscape or Barcelona and RCR, the Spanish Pritzker Prize winners from 2017, or even a more in depth look at one of our regular tours, Modernismo XL, for example.
Here you have a little description about our 5 special tours:

BCN & SAGRADA FAMILIA. Get amazed with the most visited monuments in Barcelona. On this special four-hour tour, you will enjoy two of the most emblematic and most visited monuments in Barcelona led by an official tour guide that specializes in “Modernismo”.This tour gives you the opportunity to experience the splendor of “Modernismo”, an artistic movement, where architectural and natural elements come together to compose a magic visual symphony.

BAW & RCR  Experience architecture and landscape through RCR’s most representative projects. A one-day excursion lead by Jaume Prat Ortells (architect, architecture professor and architecture critic), to experience the great work of RCR architecture studio, awarded with the Pritzker prize 2017.

RCR Creative Architecture Studio is founded in 1988 in Olot by Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramon Vilalta. The search for timelessness and beauty; always present in their work, creates an important connection with Japan. We will experience the stillness and silence present in their most emblematic projects in the landscape of la Garrotxa.


BCN & LANDSCAPE Discover how nature and public space merge in the city! We will explore some of the most significant landscape milestones, from Collserola to Montjuïc, passing through various projects inside the city.In these past years, Barcelona has been at the forefront of urban efforts to bring more nature into the city fabric. Several excellent projects display this attention to detail, from the choice of urban furniture to the design of pavements and green spaces. Our itinerary will give us an in depth understanding of how the conditions of a public space can improve the citizens’ quality of life.

BCN & MODERNISME  Take this trip through the magic of modernism! Gaudí is probably the most representative of all of the modernist architects, but this trip will take beyond his most famous works to discover the origins and all the details concerning this artistic movement.

The reintroduction of nature inside the industrial city, the symbolism of Catalan tradition and the mysticism involved in it were used as guidelines towards a new architecture, driven by the bourgeoisie in Catalonia. We will get between curvy iron shapes, petrified plants and animals framed by colorful tiles and bricks that will take us to a magical world.

BCN & BARCELONA 1929 / 1992  a tour discovering the projects that were made for the transformation of Barcelona on the occasion of the Universal Exhibition of 1929.
Explore how city and nature fuse in Montjuïc! Montjuïc has been crucial for Barcelona throughout its history by way of its location and geology. We will focus on the relationship between the city and the mountain through the role Montjuïc played in the Universal Exposition of 1929, where it made its debut as a space of leisure for the citizens of Barcelona.
If you still can’t find what you want to visit among our options write us an email and together we can map out a route that best fits your needs. Design your own expedition and enjoy Barcelona’s history, culture and especially its architecture with Barcelona Architecture Walks.

Together we will have an unforgettable experience!

And here our 5 regular tours for the 2019/2020 season:

BARCELONA & GAUDI a great start to discover the genius of Gaudí.

BARCELONA & THE FUTURE CITY walk through the smart-city looking for our Future and discover with us the new Superblock at Poblenou.

BARCELONA & GOTHIC TO MODERN see Barcelona through the eyes of Enric Miralles.

BARCELONA & THE SEA  discover Barcelona through its architecture.

BARCELONA & THE URBANISM travel with us to the origins of the modern Barcelona.


Each route is driven by a set of themes and concepts that decode the city whilst stimulating new ways of thinking about and seeing Barcelona. Come and walk with us and live a fantastic experience!!!



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