10 hours coach tourExperience architecture and landscape through RCR’s most representative projects.

A one-day excursion lead by Jaume Prat Ortells (architect, architecture professor and architecture critic), to experience the great work of RCR architecture studio, awarded with the Pritzker prize 2017.


RCR Creative Architecture Studio is founded in 1988 in Olot by Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramon Vilalta. The search for timelessness and beauty; always present in their work, creates an important connection with Japan. We will experience the stillness and silence present in their most emblematic projects in the landscape of la Garrotxa.


We will see the Tossols Basil athletics stadium and the Bath Pavilion in Olot. Both projects situated in the middle of a forest, one that spreads from its setting and the other that is proposed as a modern Greek temple built in steel where one can feel the magical tension each element breathes into the project. Two magnificent examples of how architecture and landscape can walk together.


In their studio, Barberí space, a former artistic melting pot, we will see how they achieve their goal of transforming the site while preserving its atmosphere. As a final stop, we visit a more urban project; La Lira, a built void which generates a public space in the space left by the old theater of La Lira. A public project where the city, building and nature come together as one

RCR are masters of an elegant architecture made from emotion. If it doesn’t shake, it’s not architecture.

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