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Winy Maas at IAAC Lectures

Every(body) is Urbanism Lecture by Winy Maas

The next lecturer at IAAC is Winy Maas with “Every(body) is urbanism”, a talk about the intersection of nature, urbanism, architecture and the human body. A series of pioneer ideas for variety of ‘ecosystems’ will be explored, including calculations and visualizations of a versatile mix of fashion, heritage, urbanism and biodiversity.

About Winy Maas

The ‘M’ of MVRDV, Founding Partner and Principal Architect Winy Maas Ir. Ing (Schijndel, NL – 1959), has received international acclaim for his broad range of urban planning and building projects, across all typologies and scales. These are often self-generated, innovative, experimental, and theoretical. Maas challenges colleagues, clients, as well as students and collaborators at TU Delft’s The Why Factory – an internationally engaged think tank Maas established in 2008 – to challenge the boundaries of established standards to produce solutions that reimagine how we live, work, and play. Aside from his dedicated leadership role at MVRDV and professorship at TU Delft and elsewhere, Maas is widely published, actively engaged in the advancement of the design profession, and sits on numerous boards and juries, including the Spatial Quality Boards of Rotterdam, Eindhoven, and Barcelona.

“I advocate denser, greener, more attractive and livable cities, with an approach to design that centres around user-defined, innovative, and sustainable ideas for the built environment, regardless of typology or scale.” – Winy Maas.

In the past Maas has been a visiting professor and has held various teaching positions at notable institutes including the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Yale University, Columbia University in New York, the Strelka Institute in Moscow, Hong Kong University, and the Rotterdam Building Academy.

With The Why Factory he has published more than thirteen books on The Future City, including Green Dream (2010), Copy Paste (2017), and Porocity (2018). He has written and published several books on the theories behind MVRDV, like Farmax: Excursions on Density (1997) together with co-founder Jacob van Rijs; KM3: Excursions on Capacities (2005), Five Minutes City (2003), and Skycar City (2007).

Date: Monday, February 14th Time: 19:30 CET

Title: Every(body) is Urbanism

Location: In-house at IAAC Main hall & Zoom


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