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The legacy of Ricardo Bofill

Acclaimed spanish architect ricardo bofill has passed away aged 82. Born in 1939 in barcelona, Ricardo Bofill went on to lead one of the world’s most notable architecture studios.

Wlden 7 and Taller de Arquitectura Headquarters. Image by © Julio Donoso/Sygma/Corbis

Renowned for his radical approach, Bofill’s projects are particularly noted for addressing issues of urban planning on a political and social level. His architectural legacy includes Xanadú and la Muralla Roja in Alicante, and La Fabrica and Walden 7 in Barcelona.

Muralla Roja, Alicante. image © ricardo bofill taller de arquitectura

Ricardo Bofill has designed over one thousand projects in forty countries. In today’s image-based culture, projects such as la Muralla Roja have been rediscovered and immortalized thanks to its colorful and iconic aesthetics. Throughout Bofill’s work, color has played a central role, which can also be seen in buildings such as Walden 7 and Xanadù.

Kafka Castell Sant Pere de Ribes, Barcelona. image © ricardo bofill taller de arquitectura.

With his usage of vibrant colors and bold geometries of precast concrete, the late designer has been celebrated as one of the most representative postmodern architects in Europe. As such, many of his works express a sense of large-scale experimentation. While his spaces imply a rejection of the strict rules of the classical and modernist styles, he often integrated familiar classical forms, playfully reinventing long-lasting architectural conventions.


RIP maestro.

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