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Sometimes people BAW twice!

We are so happy to lead restless travelers every week but twice is always better!!…Try to plunge your mind into the incredible universe of Barcelona’s Architecture help by one of our passionate architects!

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“Market tour and Gaudi tour”

We had two tours, one private market tour (amazing with Miguel). He has fascinating story to tell you about how the market came to be, and the “secrets” you would never notice on your own. We are not architects, but enjoyed seeing the passion and story from an architect. The story what created the city borders of old Barcelona, and how it came to be over history and what the main roads were back in the day was also helpful to understand why the city was designed the way it was. The Gaudi tour is also good. It does not include visiting the inside of the Gaudi houses, or Familia Sograda, so you need to book this separately. Recommend these tours highly!

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