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Restoring Jorba’s Castle by Carles Enrich

This castle in spain isn’t old news anymore, thanks to a structural solution by Carles Enrich.

Spain is full of castles and other beautiful pieces of history. The castle of Jorba has sat aloft in peaceful solitude for the last 1000 years, but it just got a renovation.

A year ago, architect and urbanist Carles Enrich began restoring Jorba’s Castle, which overlooks the town of Jorba and the royal road that passes through it.

The site has been landmarked as an important piece of archaeology and spanish history; for this reason, Enrich and his team spent a good portion of 2017 digging up the 300 metric tons of soil that have covered the castle. ‘The whole castle represents a sedimentation of the different uses that it has acquired throughout the centuries,’ Enrich describes.

Over 300 cubic meters of soil were removed to complete this renovation.

The region is rich in history, and this castle can be seen as a representation of that. According to Enrich, ‘the project is part of a master plan to enhance the collective awareness of the castle’s origin as a place for observing the former border territory of the march of Barcelona, a defensive barrier between Al-andalus and Carolingian empires, and for controlling the ancient route from barcelona to Lleida.’

Soil had to be cleared away for the new stairwell, carved into the mountainside. Due to the delicate nature of the structure, this work had to be completed largely by hand. The project was quite time consuming, but now the structure is unfettered and the beautiful stairwell allows anyone to enjoy this charming castle in Jorba.




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