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Our leading Architects ready for this summer

Hello! Today we wanted to present some leading Architects of Barcelona Architecture Walks. All of them are practicing architects, most of whom are professors of architecture, as well as architecture critics. This variety of top professionals provides a wide spectrum of knowledge on a huge range of topics that only Barcelona Architecture Walks can provide. We walk with our own critical and contemporary perspectives and a wry smile on our faces because… we love architecture!

Here you have some of them…

Pia Wortham
Mexico City, Mexico.

Tufts University Civil Engineering and Fine arts Museum School of Boston Massachusetts. 1980-84
Masters of Architecture Columbia University 1985-89

History is multidisciplinary,  and if we choose to look at history this way the whole accumulation of our human experience is more interesting. My classes have a healthy combination of technology and historical fact that I combine in order to relate the past to our present architectural practice and technology. This dual focus allows me to adapt the content of my tours based on the background and interests of the group. Architecture is a strange hybrid of many disciplines that literally makes up our built environment, I  try to convey the intricacies and complexities of cities in general and Barcelona in particular to enhance a sense of curiosity in the world around us.

Jelena Prokopljevic

Architect degree from the Belgrade University (1998) and PhD from the Polytechnic university of Barcelona (2006)


Architecture is always the expression of an epoch: of its society, politics and ideologies, culture, economy and technological development. When a client formulates a project commission, the package contains a set of dreams, a desired image that is to be projected through the built work defining its artistic attractiveness, high technology, ecological awareness, material austerity or exuberance. I like to transmit all this complexity of architecture and its general context both to my students and to my fellow-walkers. 

Rafael Gómez-Moriana
Montreal, Canada
Associate Adjunct Professor, University of Calgary architecture program in Barcelona.
Studied architecture at the University of Waterloo (1989) and the Berlage Institute Amsterdam (1995).

“Once it is built, inhabited, and part of a living city, architecture takes on a life of its own, sometimes becoming something that was never foreseen. Barcelona itself has undergone many transformations throughout its history, including a recent post-industrial change into a global tourism brand that is based, in large part, on its built patrimony. My interest lies in how architecture affects and is in turn affected by societal change.”

Ricard Pons i Mascases

Studies in Barcelona and Brussels. Architect by ETSAB-UPC (2004)
He is currently working for the Catalan Government and has worked for the COAC (Architect’s Association of Catalonia) International Department.


My personal motto comes from Bob Dylan: “Nothing is as stable as change.” I like that because I think it applies to many things, such as the way a city somehow seems to be a finished object, but is actually changing all the time.

This Summer Barcelona Architecture Walks has all their leading Architects and tours ready to help you discover our city from a new perspective.

We have our usual five regular weekly tours where you get to meet fellow walkers from all over the globe. You can also reserve private tours of these same routes to better fit your schedule with one of our guides dedicated exclusively to your group or family.

On top of our regular tours we also offer five special tours with routes designed for groups or those who want to explore more specific topics like Barcelona and landscape or Barcelona and RCR, the Spanish Pritzker Prize winners from 2017, or even a more in depth look at one of our regular tours, Modernismo XL, for example.

Come and walk with our leading Architects and live a fantastic experience!!!



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