» » » Our architect Jordi is on fire!

Our architect Jordi is on fire!

Check the incredible reviews Jordi has got the last few days sharing our beautiful city and its architecture with tens of enthusiastic travellers!

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Ramblers on La Rambla

Reviewed 20 October 2015

Jordi met our group of Ramblers Holidays folk and took us on a very interesting and informative walk around the city, showing us various important buildings of differing types of architecture.
Learned a lot about the history of Barcelona and the influence of Gaudi and his architectural style.
Well worth taking a session in next time you visit.

Very nice walk with a local architect

Reviewed 21 October 2015 

Jordi met us at the agreed upon spot right on time. A small group helped make the experience personal as he had time to address everyone’s questions thoroughly. Not only knowledgeable about his city but also passionate about its history and its future, Jordi offers excellent insights into the remarkable buildings selected for the tour but also about the circumstances that lead to their creation. Excellent way to get an oversight of the dizzying architecture of Barcelona.

Unique experience with valued local insight.

Reviewed 26 October 2015 

It was an absolute pleasure having Jordi guide a small group of us through a modern and vibrant precinct within the Barcelona & The Future City tour. The walking tour provides an excellent contrast to the visitation of older buildings throughout the city and is a must for anyone that loves building, cities and architecture. My only regret is not booking more tours with BAW as the insight of local architects is clearly invaluable.

Don’t think twice and experience Barcelona through the eyes of an architect!


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