» » » Michael Webb of Archigram at FADfest 2017 Inaugural Conference

Michael Webb of Archigram at FADfest 2017 Inaugural Conference

Inaugural Conference with Michael Webb of Archigram

The starting shot for the FADfest 2017 will be fired by none other than Michael Webb, one of the founding members of the mythical Archigram collective, considered to be one of the most inspiring and influential groups in modern design and architecture.


For this mythical 1960s collective, it was imperative to guarantee the mobile and changing nature of the contemporary world by proposing architectures based on travel and transformation. Their proposal transformed architecture into a designer product presented through the revolutionary graphic imagery of the nineteen-sixties.


In Archigram (Architecture + Telegram)magazine, a blend of comic book and architecture in a chaotic and provocative with a pop flavour the group found an outlet for their utopian ideas, concepts and projects. A large part of their works, which at the time were unfeasible, were inspired in the space race: habitable modules (Living Pod), self-sufficient garments (Suitaloon), large mobile infrastructures inspired in space shuttles (Walking City) or portable cities (Instant City). Today many of their visions are palpable (in mobiles, connected vehicles, the growth of nomadism, etc.) and relate to the FADfest 2017 theme: the phenomenon of tourism and cities.



Day: 27/06, 19:30h
Venue: Outdoor Auditorium of Disseny Hub Barcelona
Organized byFAD



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