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Llum Barcelona 2022

Llum BCN returns to make the streets of Barcelona shine.

This year Llum BCN features artists from around the world and new upcoming talents are returning to transform the streets and other parts of Poblenou into an urban lab for creating light. A collective experiment that challenges the senses and uses art to prompt reflection on matters such as artificial intelligence, information overload, mass data collection and food, while altering and questioning traditional models of urban space.

Barcelona’s festival of light will be back from 4 to 6 February, illuminating streets, squares, building façades and other public spaces in Poblenou. Naturally all the necessary precautions will be taken and the festival will the health authorities’ recommendations at all times. Let’s remember the last edition was marked by the strong prevention measures for Covid-19, forcing it to be put back nine months from the original date and held in November with a much lower key format.

OSC-B Disseny HUB Barcelona. Jardins d´Elisava. Ulf Langheinrich, 2022 Production: Epidemic (Richard Castell, assisted by Florence Berhaud).

This year Llum BCN features artists such as Trevor Paglen, the renowned US creator who highlights the prejudices that shape artificial intelligence with his work Faces of ImageNet, Germany’s Ulf Langheinrich, whose piece OSC-B uses a big screen reflected onto the Museu del Disseny lake, and the Tundra collective, who use a series of holographic projectors for Row, a piece exploring language and dialogue.

Dialogar. Casa de les Lletres. Raúl Goñi

From here, the prestigious and well-established international artist Antoni Miralda will be taking part too, linking art and food in La Formigonera del PobleNew: Balada per a un estómac. This work opens the festival on Friday 4 February and will be making its way around the streets of the neighbourhood. For his part, Jordi Canudas will be offering Xocolata amb llum, an installation where light will be used to melt chocolate and members of the public invited to taste it.

Continuing with other local artists who have gained international prestige, the Domestic Data Streamers team are offering a light-based exploration of the avalanche of irrelevant information we are swamped with every day on social media, while Juan Pablo Ramírez presents Olorama, an ode to the aromas used to construct images in our minds.

Spectre. Mariona Benedito + Cube.bz

The artists and creators Toni Arola, Raúl Goñi, Cabosanroque, Mariona Benedito, CUBE.BZ, Cristian Rizzuti, Julián Álvarez and the Protopixel studio will also be challenging our senses in this collective lab, where art, architecture, design and illumination all converge to make the case for the power of light as a means of expression.

However, not all the artists at Llum BCN are renowned figures: in addition to the professional creations, the festival also features installations created by students at Barcelona’s schools of art, design, illumination and architecture. With the high quality demonstrated in previous editions, these participants will also be back to alter people’s perceptions and the meaning of urban space. A commitment to innovation, experimentation and upcoming talent that is one of the hallmarks of Llum BCN and helps to set it apart from other light festivals.

Hogar. Poblenou Centre Park. ETSAB-UPC, Higher Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona

In short, a light festival which is returning to shine in its natural surroundings, the streets and public spaces of Poblenou in Barcelona and stretch the limits of our senses by sharing a new way of engaging with and participating in public space.


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