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Cerdà: the beginning of urbanism

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Today we show you an extract from our tour BARCELONA & ILDEFONS CERDÀ

In Summer of 1859, the Barcelona of today started its journey with the approval of the project of its expansion and with two historical initiatives: the first personal of its designer Ildefons Cerdà went beyond the concrete reality to create the General Theory of Urbanization and the second one of the city of Barcelona to denounce and discredit this progressively-minded Engineer.


A quadrangular mesh of 133 x 133 m without hierarchies or outskirts, with block of 113 x 113m connecting and absorbing the neighboring, with no more limits than the geographic. With a final size of 9 x 3 Km.

A project based in his theoretical autonomy

The shape of the example is the result of the systematize analysis of the requirements of traffic, hygiene, of the regional structure of the viability and of the equality between human being, defining his quadrangular layout with a absolute, powerful and autonomous way.

The Gran Via as the territorial axis between the two rivers Llobregat and Besos, parallel to the sea and tangent to the old city, is the Master piece of his plan.

“Before Cerda the grid, after Cerda the Urbanism” – Story of Leonardo and Mondrian

Come with us and learn something more about Cerdá and enjoy discovering the origins of the modern Barcelona!

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